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just another star in the sky [userpic]
Inducing the Sidekick LX OTA update
by just another star in the sky (littlestarletta)
at August 6th, 2008 (01:13 pm)

I've tried this like 80 times and it hasn't worked for me yet.  I wonder if anyone here will have any luck...

Step 1. Restart your device
Step 2. Do not sign into any apps or send any data……press menu+ o for good luck lol
Step 3. Watch your G7 for 3 minutes if the white swoosh isnt pulsating fast through the 7 then u need to restart (you can even go to network settings press menu + m if ur bytes recieved start counting fast ur good)
Step 4. Restart your sidekick as many times until your g7 continues to pulsate with white streak FAST & NONSTOP…10 minutes later it should still be moving even when ur not logged into messenger or texting or emailing….once u realize its doing the trick…lay ur sidekick down and in about 30 minutes ur OTA will be here…