There's no such thing as a stupid question...

Sidekick Newbies
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If you just got your Sidekick or are thinking of getting one... this is the place to ask your questions! This community is staffed with Sidekick Junkies who are dedicated to answering your Sidekick questions. No question is too stupid to ask! Feel free! Check the FAQ section for some questions that might already have answers.

I will add more to this later, as this has just been created.

Please post and comment freely!!
If you have any issues with this community you may feel 100% free to contact me directly though the AIM name or TMAIL address listed here! I will try my best to read every post and every comment.

Read the F.A.Q.s before asking... you question might be common and already have an answer! But don't worry. We won't be mean if you don't read them and still ask the same questions.

If you are asking a question, please attmept to summarize your question in your subject line,
this way they will be easier for others to look back on in the post history at a later date! Thanks!

Once you've learned the ropes, it is highly recommended that you join sidekickjunkies and share all of your SK stories, dreams and fun with the great folks there. Though I'm sure they'd appriciate it if the newbies poked around here first and then moved on once they've become addicted to this amazing device!

Four Simple Golden Rules:

1. Do NOT berate or flame ANYONE. That's not why they are here. And this isnt a "foo foo" rule because I dont want to hurt anyone's feelings... its just that its the complete opposite of what this community is about.

2. Do not make posts that have nothing to do with Sidekicks... that's pretty obvious...

3. No sidekick sales posts UNLESS it is a simple link to an EBAY AUCTION. All other sales posts will be deleted.

4. Feel free to ask anything you don't grasp about the device, it's not stupid to try to inform yourself! We're here to help!